Arno Stern at the Closlieu

It is more than 60 years ago that Arno began his atelier in Paris, which he named the Closlieu. Through the years, he has witnessed that when children trace freely, they produce identicals figures and signs everywhere in the world. He has classified these signs of which there are 70 and he has named this 'vocabulary' formulation. If you'd like to find out more about this, I suggest you look up Arno Stern's website directly: www.


Arno Stern maintains that these traces are the expression of sensations memorised in the body (organic memory). Consequently, the gesture of painting, when it is free, spontaneous and practised regularly, offers a sense of profound well-being, wholeness, and harmony with the world. This spontaneous expression is enabled by the very particular strcture of the Closlieu which is replicated in Couleurs à l'Abri as well as in many ateliers across the world.


This is thanks to the training Arno Stern offers, which he does in addition to maintain his role of Servant at the Closlieu. Workshops based on his ideas are found in many places, namely, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Canada, Brasil, India, and so on.