Couleurs à l'Abri is a painting workshop structured and based on the principles of Arno Stern

Children enjoy painting very large pictures!

It is a calm and neutral space

 In this enclosed place, sheltered from all external pressure, influence, comparison and competition, the participant is neither there to please or displease; s/he works according to her/his inner needs which are entirely personnal.

Young and old mix together, sharing the 'table palette'. As the colours are immediately available, they invite the hand to choose and to paint...

 Couleurs à l'Abri is neither an art school nor does it do art therapy. Rather, 'it is preventative of therapy because it stimulates the capacities which enable the person to realise themselves'. (Arno Stern)

 The atelier's structure and the way of doing things are well ordered and boundaried. Consequently, the individual very quickly finds great pleasure in being competent in the act of painting, and finds her/himself gaining quickly in confidence which enables her/him to feel free in her/his movements and her/his expression of self.

 Couleurs à l'Abri is also a good place to relate to others; the facilitator, the 'table-palette' and the paintbrushes are shared, whilst the sheet of paper represents the personal and private space. There is a continuous movement between the collective and the individual space which encourages all round respect.

 There is no teaching, no intervention, no comments and no judgement on the contents of individuals' paintings. The servant is there to ensure that each participant has everything s/he needs to trace and create freely. 

 The paintings are kept in the atelier, sheltered from stares and are never exhibited.



One can begin very young

One can increase format by adding sheets

The paint is thick to avoid runs