• it is possible to start very early, so long as a child can reach the paints!!! This is the first session of a 22 month old, keen to join her older sister

Welcome to Couleurs à l'Abri,  a painting workshop based and structured on the principles of Arno Stern's original atelier, le Closlieu, at Paris.

The first atelier is based in Bernex. A new one is now open on the premises of the Ecole Vivante, in Meyrin 

Children, teenagers and adults are all welcome. 


In addition to the weekly session of Wednesday at 2pm, the atelier in Bernex will potentially be opening a new bi-monthly session on Wednesday mornings at 10am.

In additon, there are still places for the sessions on a Sunday at 5pm once a month.

In addition, the atelier ran in conjunction with the Ecole Vivante, in Meyrin hopes to have a weekly session on Tuesdays at 4.45pm (or eventually on Thursdays), depending on inscriptions

For any information, do not hesitate to contact  me on 079 506 91 79, by mail on couleursalabri@gmail.com or via facebook









Elements of the formulation (see page about Arno Stern)

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  • The paint is gouache

  • The very young can be initiated in small spells during sessions

  • Each colour has its paintbrushes